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10 Reasons to go abroad

by Gotoo Lille Real Estate on 21 December 2018
10 Reasons to go abroad

Everyone knows that the idea of going away from home, leaving our family and friends can seem scary.

The truth is, that going abroad is one of the most amazing and enriching experience!

We will here, give you 10 reasons why you shouldn’t miss this great opportunity:

1. Learn a new language

Nowadays it’s very important to speak as many languages as possible in the profesional area, as it can gives us many opportunities ! Never forget, there is no better way to do it than being in a new country ! Since people might not speak your home language, you could be forced to try to speak and be surrounded by the local people to learn the language more easily. 

2. Make friends from all over the world

For sure you are not the only one in that situation: you’ll meet people from different countries, from whom you will learn a lot. Besides, you will have many houses all around the world. Another reason and motivation to travel is visiting that good friend with who you shared one of the most amazing experience in your life.

3. Learn about another culture

The best way to know the culture of a place is by living there ! It will help you discover their costumes, habits and thoughts. As you will meet people from different countries, you will be able to discover the culture of the country your are living in, as as well as their culture. The multicultural environment is very interesting.

4. Have a new perspective of your home country

According to your home country, you might have either a good or a bad perception of it. You might think it has many political, social, economic problems, complain a lot and think other countries are better than yours. The truth is: you will find different opinions about the world, from people coming from other countries that have worse or better situation than yours.

There are things that could show you, that what you have can inspire you to make your country a better place and even make you realize that your country is amazing. Even if it’s not the perfect place, it will definitely help you to appreciate it more.

5. Break the monotony

When you are abroad your hole lifestyle changes !  You will stop doing the same things, at the same time and in the same way. Since you’ll be in a new place you will be able to discover this new city, try new activities, new places, meet people, speak other languages, travel, etc…

6. Have the chance to learn from yourself

Now, there are many things you will have to do by yourself (things that you probably have never done before) so you will definitely have to learn. You will also be confronted to different situations, feelings, thoughts that will make you realize what you are able to do.

7. Discover who you really are

This is related to the previous point, once you have learnt from yourself you will be able to discover who you really are. Being alone facing the different situations like feeling alone, sad, homesick, meeting new people, etc. are things that will help you to know yourself in a better way. When you go out from your comfort zone, you are forced to focus on different aspects and this experience will make you grow up and help you to be more mature.

8. Improve your CV

As this experience shows your ability to adapt yourself to new environment and your capacity to learn, having an international experience is a very important thing to apply for a job.  It also proves that you have an open mind, that you are fearless, adventurous and shows your maturity. Companies are very interested in having people like to work for them!

9. Appreciate the things you already have

This experience will help you to appreciate the things you already have (your family, friends, culture, home and food). You will see it’s not the same and according to your country and the one your are currently living in, differences could be even bigger. So it’s a good thing to be far away, as the saying goes : “you never know what you have until you lose it”.

10. Show to the rest of the world how amazing is your country

We all know that there are some prejudices according to different countries. Usually these are not good prejudices, therefore this is the perfect occasion to show the world they might be wrong or right about it ! This is indeed, the best opportunity to share about your country, your culture, to make people feel interested and why not ? To visit you!   


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