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10 Reasons to go abroad

Everyone knows that the idea of going away from home, leaving our family and friends can seem s [more]
by Gotoo Lille Real Estate
Dec 21, 2018

All about the European Health Insurance ...

The card has the same appearance and technical features across all issuing member States in ord [more]
by thifaine bulhoes
Nov 27, 2018

Which grant(s) are you eligible for?

You are coming to France but you don’t have any idea about how to deal with the money ? H [more]
by thifaine bulhoes
Nov 22, 2018

How does the CAF work ?

When moving in a new country, the administrative procedures are a nightmare for students. By re [more]
by thifaine bulhoes
Sep 28, 2018

Some tips to overcome loneliness when st...

Even if it is your decision to move abroad, it is often difficult to adapt to a new environment [more]
by thifaine bulhoes
Sep 24, 2018

The Braderie of Lille

The braderie of Lille is the biggest flea market of Europe and one of the most famous events in [more]
by Gotoo Lille Real Estate
Aug 31, 2018


HOW TO GET AROUND IN THE CITY OF LILLE?    You are lucky, you arrived in a city where it is ver [more]
by Margaux et Anais
Jul 06, 2018

Why rent your apartment from August?

You will arrive on Lille but you still don’t have an apartment? Don’t panic, antici [more]
by Margaux et Anais
Jul 03, 2018

Why is it a good idea to live in Vauban ...

Where to live in Lille ? Vauban neighbourood, between greeneries and universities The Vauban’s [more]
by Alexis Le Diset
May 25, 2018

What to do regarding the OFFI procedure?

You just arrived in France with a French Visa and are staying more than 3 months? This article [more]
by Gotoo Lille Real Estate
Apr 19, 2018

French visa application

Are you from a non-European Union country and you are planning to come to France? You might nee [more]
by Gotoo Lille Real Estate
Apr 19, 2018

TOP 5 Reasons Why booking your accommoda...

As ex international students we know how hard it can be to arrive to a new country, because of [more]
by Alexis Le Diset
Apr 11, 2018