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Where to shop with a small budget in Lille

by Gotoo Lille Real Estate on 18 January 2019
Where to shop with a small budget in Lille

We have been thinking of you ! As we all know, it is not easy for students to fill their cupboards. That’s the reason why we decided to write an article which will provide you a list of the cheapest supermarkets and all good plans in Lille !


The discount supermarkets, for instance LiDL are found in most cities. You better choose this type of supermarket, in order to make great savings and buy cheaper products, than in other supermarkets .

The LiDL brand was founded in Germany and has grown a great deal to become one of Europe’s leading food retailers. It offers the best value for money and even received the award of the best hyper/supermarket retail chain since 2013 ! Moreover, since 2015, LiDL has been named the best retail chain in the perishables category. Indeed, you can be sure that the fruit and vegetables are fresh thanks to the daily deliveries.

Addresses :
LiDL : 106-116 bd Victor Hugo, 59000 LILLE
€ L’Ecopain : 273 rue des Postes, 59000 LILLE
€ Fruits Discount : 535 avenue de Dunkerque, 59000 LILLE


Regarding the conventional supermarket, prefer the signs like Carrefour and Leclerc that are the cheapest on the market.


Carrefour is a multinational distribution chain of French origin, being the first European group, and third worldwide in the sector, created in 1959 in Annecy. It is present in Europe, South America and Asia, as well as in other parts of the world in the form of local partnership. This group/brand has different supermarket formats in the city:

  • Carrefour: is an Hypermarket, the big supermarket located in Euralille, offering between 20,000 to 80,000 wide range of products in the fields of food, computers, household appliances, household items and also for leisure activities. They also have additional services there like Finances Assurances in terms of pass cards, personal loans, car insurance, home or school, but also savings or pooling credits. It is open everyday of the week from 9h to 22h, except on sunday.

  • Carrefour Market: is a smaller supermarket, offering modern establishments, comfortable, respectful with the environment, and very close to the consumer. They are usually open every day from monday to saturday from 8h30 to 21h and on sunday from 9h to 12h30.

  • Carrefour Express/city: neighboring store is a new concept designed to make shopping easier whether in urban or rural areas, facilitating daily purchases.  It has extended hours, including Sunday morning. They are open from monday to saturday from 7h-22h and on sunday from 8h-13h and 17h-20h (just for the express).


Specialized in fresh products, traditional butchery and ecology, the brand stands as a local supermarket. They are open from monday to saturday from 8h to 20h/21h depending on the store and on sunday from 9h to 12h45.  

In Lille you can find 3 of them:
€€ Supermarchés Match : 97 rue Solférino, 59000 LILLE
€€ Supermarchés Match :  Angle R. d’arras et de Courmont, 59000 LILLE
€€ Supermarchés Match :  154 Boulevard Montebello, 59000 LILLE


This is the same kind of supermarket as Carrefour. You can find one Leclerc in Lille :
E.Leclerc : 94 rue Lannoy, 59000 LILLE


Tips : don’t forget that markets exist ! As students we tend to forget that they exist, however it’s in markets that we find the better quality fruits and vegetables. The price is often the same as in the supermarkets or even cheaper !!!


The Wazemmes market is one of the most important markets in Europe. The full market takes place in Lille on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning (7h-14h), although its covered halls are however open all week. It is a typical market, anchored for a long time in the culture of Lille, and can sometimes remember the souks of the Maghreb by the variety of the products proposed (spices, vegetables, fruits, meats, fish …)

It takes place on the market place of Wazemmes, next to the church of St. Peter St. Paul, in Wazemmes, the popular and colorful district of Lille.


Addresses :
Marché de Wazemmes : Place de la Nouvelle Aventure, 59000 LILLE
Marché de l’Artois : 58 rue Arago, 59000 LILLE


Regarding organic food, often more expensive than classic food, you can find it in most of the supermarkets at affordable prices. Here is a short list of the shops in Lille where you could find what you are looking for in terms of organic food :

Addresses :
€€ Végétal & vous : 241 rue Gambetta, 59000 LILLE
€€ Biocoop : 86 rue du Molinel, 59000 LILLE
€€ Labbel Vie : 101 bd Clémenceau, 59000 LILLE