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How to open an EDF meter in France?

by Catherine Molano on 12 March 2019
How to open an EDF meter in France?

Opening an EDF meter is essential when you move into your new house. Thanks to it, you will have access to electricity.

 1. The process to open an EDF meter :

Opening a meter is a must when you move into your new house. To do so, it is necessary to contact an advisor at 3004 to open your account. However, there are alternative suppliers where you can also subscribe to a contract.

Here are some steps to open your meter:
  • Estimate your future consumption with your advisor
  • Subscribe to the contract that best meets your expectations
  • The supplier then takes care of opening your meter

2. Price and deadline :

* Including Tax and VAT

So there are two possibilities:

Electricity is not cut: 

If electricity still works in the home, the EDF line opening will be immediate when you sign a new electricity contract. This is standard commissioning, which can be done online. This is a purely administrative approach. The supplier can therefore bill you directly for the electricity consumed.

Electricity is cut off:

If the electricity is cut off, it means that the previous tenant closed the EDF line or that the meter has been decommissioned by Enedis (if the unit has not been occupied for a long time).

In these two cases, it is EDF who must contact the network manager Enedis to bring in a technician who will put electricity back into service.

Depending on the time of the year, the standard opening time of the meter will depend on the availability of Enedis technicians in your department:

  • Off-peak period: a technician Enedis can intervene in 24h.
  • August and September: these are busy months, the period of five working days can be extended.

So, it is important to do it 2 months before your check-in, in order to have no worries during your entry.


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