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by Catherine Molano on 1 April 2019

To rent an apartment in Lille, we can say that there is nothing better than the Internet. Indeed, there are multitudes of real estate ads. Unfortunately, the traps are also numerous, and if you do not pay attention, you could face several problems. Here are some traps to avoid.

A price too attractive:

All ads that seem too good to be true should worry you. Every year, frauds are reported on the Internet. Each seller knows the market prices, that’s why an apartment with a price too attractive should worry you. Why should the owner sell his prices off? It is therefore important to visit each apartment before paying a deposit. In addition, a new illegal technique appeared on the market, it is the technique of starting from … This means that the highest bidder will have the good.

No address:

When you rent an apartment, one of the first criteria is the location. So, when the address is not in the ad? One wonders if this is a simple mistake, or if there is something to hide? As for example, the presence of nightclub, or noise pollution. Real estate agents or non-professional salespeople who will not want to share them with you will certainly have something to hide. Nevertheless, you will often get positive answers by email, or phone.

The lack of photos:

When photos are missing, it makes you think. As the fact of a lack of photo, for example of the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen. We can therefore ask ourselves the following questions, is the flat in good condition? Is it better not to show them? Or is there currently a tenant who refuses to bring in the owner? It is therefore preferable for you to choose ads with all the desired photos.

Too beautiful pictures:

It is important not to give too much importance to the pictures you find on the websites. More and more agencies or individuals use latest generation cameras or professional photographers to showcase their apartment. Sometimes, these are much more beautiful than reality, so it is best for you to visit the place beforehand to avoid surprises when you arrive.

It is therefore very important to be careful when looking for an apartment in Lille on non-specialized sites, fraud is increasingly present in this market.



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