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by Gotoo Lille Real Estate on 25 October 2018

Do you usually struggle sending the préavis letter because of lack of time? You can relax now!! LA POSTE has new options to send the famous LARL, here we will explain you how to do it!

To start click in this link : you have to click in the “Envoyez une lettre”, where you will find 4 main steps.

1. Votre courrier

Here you have 2 options:

  • Download your file (you already filled the document we sent you)


  • Use the letter sample (you fill directly online with the respective information). In this case you have to choose “Resiliation du Bail locatif” and after “Logement meublé” and fill it with your own information.


Then you will find the sample letter to fill with some information. In the top left corner you have to fill with your information, then you have to put the city and the sending date. After, in the main text you just have to put the address of your accommodation, the start date of the contract and the date of your departure and at the end sign with your name. Finally, just validate the document.  

2. Vos options

In this part you will find the distribution way, the option of receiving an answer when the owner has received the mail to confirm it arrived well, the characteristics of the impression, to finalize this just give a name to the document and validate to continue. 


3.Votre recommandé

In this section you have to add your address first and secondly the address of the owner. Under this image you will find how to fill it, for the owner’s part just do the same but with his information.

4. Récapitulatif

In this last section you have the option to download the letter in order to verify that all the information is correct before sending it. If it is ok, validate, add to cart and pay! 


Don’t forget this is a mandatory procedure established by law and in case you don’t respect it you would have to pay for the rent of the month even if you are not in the apartment anymore. You have to send it one more before your date of departure.







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