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Technical issues in your apartment . Who is responsible ?

by Gotoo Lille Real Estate on 11 January 2018
Technical issues in your apartment . Who is responsible ?

For each problems that can occur in a flat, it is important to know who is responsible and who is in charge of fixing the situation. In order to answer this questions, we have translated for you the french law regarding the responsability for each part.


Gotoo Lille : Real Estate Agency

Acceptable Housing

The landlord must give the tenant acceptable housing, that is to say:
Housing without risk of endangering the health and physical safety of the tenant
 Having a minimum habitable surface area
 Equipped with facilities which comply with its use as accommodation

Furnished accommodation if you have a  furnished flat contract

To qualify a flat as furnished, it must likewise be furnished and have all the necessary equipment in order for tenants to live comfortably with their own personal belongings.
To qualify the accommodation as furnished, it should have at least:
– Furniture
– Bedding
– A cooker or hob
– A fridge
– Kitchen utensils

Peaceful living
The landlord must assure the right for the tenant to enjoy his stay during the lease (tranquillity). Therefore, the owner must prohibit any activities that might interfere with the tenant himself, except in a case provided by the law (certain works or repairs for example).

Caution: Refund within a maximum of two months after the departure of the tenants.


Exterior areas where the tenant has exclusive rights
Private gardens
Routine maintenance, particularly the driveways, lawns, flowerbeds, ponds and pools;
cutting, trimming, pruning of trees and shrubs;
Flaps, terraces and canopies
Removal of moss and other plants.
Rainwater pipes, gutters and fittings.
Disgorging/unblocking the pipes.
Interior and exterior openings.
Operable sections such as doors and windows
Grease hindge-pins, butt hinges and strap-hinges :
Minor repairs of fastenings, door knobs, hinges, cremone and espagnolette bolts;
especially replacement of wedges.
Repairing with fillers
Replacement of damaged glass
Accessories which stop light such as blinds and shutters
Particularly the replacement of cords, pulley and blind systems.
Locks and safety bolts
Replacement of small parts as well as misplaced or damaged keys.
Cleaning and greasing:
Replacement, particularly of pins, wedges, bolts.
Internal sections
Ceilings, partitions and interior walls
Maintaining clean conditions;
Fittings, paintings and tapestries; repositioning or replacement of some coating
material elements such as faience, patchwork, plastic material; hole sealer which
renders a similar finish to the grade and dimension of this space.
Parquets, fitted carpets and other resilient floor coverings
Polishing and routine maintenance of the verification;
Replacement and reconditioning of the battens, laying floor fittings and other floor
coverings, particularly in cases of stains and holes.
Closets and joineries, such as skirting, rods and mouldings.
Replacement of shelves and battens and cupboard strips, reparation of the closing
devices; fastening joints and ends and well as repairing closing devices..
Plumbing systems
Water pipes
Including replacement of joints and clamps.
Gas pipes
Routine maintenance of valves, siphons and air vents;
Periodic replacement of drain line connecting pipes.
Septic tanks, cesspools and latrines
Heating, hot water heating and taps
Replacement of blades, pistons, membranes, water boxes, piezoelectric igniter
buttons, valves and gas appliances;
Rinse and clean heating units and piping;
Replacement of seals, flaps, faucets;
Replacement of seals, floats, toilets.


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