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The Braderie of Lille

by Gotoo Lille Real Estate on 31 August 2018
The Braderie of Lille

The braderie of Lille is the biggest flea market of Europe and one of the most famous events in France and beyond its borders, taking place on the 1st weekend of September of each year.

The Grande Braderie de Lille fair is the perfect place to find that hidden gem, harvest nice vintage & retro items in large quantities, but especially, to immerse in an atmosphere reflecting the city itself: warm, friendly, festive, and a foodie heaven. You will find Concerts, people from all over the world and many other entertainment activities.

It starts on Saturday 8 :00am and goes until Sunday 18 :00. It is also characterized by:


1. The “Moules- frites”

The consomption of moules started by chance after some epidemics affecting the poutry that used to be consumed during the braderie, now the moules-frites is the typical dish of this event, the restaurants have a challenge : the one having the largest pile of mussel shells.


2. Half-marathon

It takes place Saturday morning and gathers 15000 runners in average. If you would like to participate, here is the link to subscribe:

3. Common transportation



During this time the metro and tramway are no stop, the frequency of buses is reinforced, there are also guarded parkings outside the city center. There is a specific ticket for this weekend called « Pass’Braderie » : unlimited metro and tramway. Also SNCF has round trip tickets for half price and the paris-lille way train is increased.

Interesting facts


the number of days during which the Grande Braderie runs (in 2018: Saturday 1st September – Sunday 2nd September


the number of hours it would take to walk down all the streets of Lille where the Grande Braderie takes place.


the number of kilometers of stands spread all over Lille during the event


the number of tons of mussels consumed during the 2015 Grande Braderie de Lille (together with 30 tons of french fries!).


the year the Grande Braderie de Lille was first mentioned in a written record!

10 000

the number of vendors selling at the Grande Braderie de Lille.

22 172

the number of counterfeit items seized by customs in 2010 during the event.

2 500 000

the number of visitors at the Grande Braderie de Lille in 2015.


Finally, here you can find some french phrases that could be very useful to bargain at the Braderie !

“C’est combien?” – How much is that?

“Quel est votre meilleur prix?” – What is your best price?

“Désolé, c’est trop cher pour moi” – Sorry, it’s too expensive for me

“Pouvez-vous baisser encore le prix?” – Can you go a little lower?

“Vous me faites un prix si j’en prends plusieurs / si je prends tout?” – Is there a discount if I buy more than one / all of them?

“Coupons la poire en deux” – Let’s meet each other in the middle / strike a bargain

“Je n’ai que 20 euros. Est-ce que ça va?” – I only have 20 euros. Is that enough?

“Je peux payer en liquide?” – May I pay in cash?

“Je le prends” – I take it

“Marché conclu!” – Deal!


Now get ready for this amazing experience and enjoy!




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