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Some tips to overcome loneliness when studying abroad

by Gotoo Lille Real Estate on 24 September 2018
Some tips to overcome loneliness when studying abroad

Even if it is your decision to move abroad, it is often difficult to adapt to a new environment. Leaving home for a long period, even more when it is for the first time can be challenging for a student. Indeed, even if it is an incredible and enriching adventure, it makes a major change in the students daily habits.

Before going abroad, read our article about how to overcome loneliness to better enjoy your experience !

Start by exploring the city !

The first thing you have to do when you arrive is to visit the city as you were a tourist spending his holidays. Once you know the city and you have identified the places you like the most (it can be a coffee shop, a park…), go there as many times as possible. It will allow you to be immersed in the culture and to create new habits.

Here you can find some information about Lille :

Expose yourself

By meeting local people, you will quickly learn about their culture and it will be easier for you to adapt. Attend events, taste food, talk and go out with people.

Another good way to meet new people is to practice a sport. Lille offers a wide variety of sports clubs, for more information, check this link :

There is no better solution to feel like home. The feeling of being a foreigner will quickly disappear.


Check out this link to have fun on tuesday nights :

Stay connected

Living abroad does not mean to forget your family and friends from your home country. Keep talking and sharing your new experiences with them, it will help you to adapt better and to face homesickness.

However, you have to create a network of friends in your new country. These friends will also help you to overcome the difficulties.

To meet new people and know about the events in Lille, join this group:

Make your student accomodation a pleasant place




It is very important to feel comfortable at home. Hang pictures, bring personal belongings to decorate your flat and try to create a warm atmosphere. You have to feel good when you come back home.


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